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Hamburg Trade Centre Kehrwiederspitze
Masterplan exterior lighting
in collaboration with gmp

Project Hamburg Trade Centre Kehrwiederspitze Location Hamburg Client HTC
Architect Completion 1995 Status Consulting / report

The concept idea is the night-time lighting effect of this new district, on the one hand as a sensitive extension of the current city silhouette, on the other as a self-confident representation of the entire Hamburg Trade Centre grounds. Nowhere is solid and thus too prominent floodlighting intended - the overall effect is to consist of a multitude of differentiated measures, each of them geared to the individual situations. These measures range from the reserved depiction of the courtyard volumes from Phase IV to the clear reduction of the exterior effect of the stairwells of Phase 1, from following the stepped storey contour of Phase II to the portrayal of the square space in front of Phase IV, from the system of escape bridges illuminated with minimal means and expense to the emphasis of the bridge arches.

The aim throughout is to achieve a correspondingly high eye response by drastically reducing the glare of the lighting, so as to achieve maximum effect with a minimum of energy and operating costs.

- Hakki Akyol / gmp

- gmp+Andres