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Das neue Steintor

Project Das neue Steintor Location Hannover Client Bayerische Vereinsbank
Architect Gottfried Böhm Completion 1988 Status Completed

The concept essentially involves responding to different conditions such as day and night with different interior artificial lighting conditions. This correspondence results from our varying expectations of light: During the day we expect a white, vivid light with medium to high intensities, at night on the other hand a yellow-coloured, "warm" light with lower intensities. Therefore, during the day, areas with insufficient natural light are supplemented with white artificial light, which is replaced with a warm-coloured light at dusk and night-time. At the same time, the warm-coloured artificial lighting is used in those areas with good natural lighting during the day (inner arcade). This so-called "night light" consists of general basic lighting with pendant lamps, truss lighting (targeted floodlighting of the space-defining trusses) as well as "structural lighting" at eye level by means of brilliant punctiform lamps in the form of general diffuse bulbs. It forms the necessary "common denominator" on the shop level so as not to abandon the overall night-time structure of the arcade to the advertisements.

- Photo: Dieter Leistner

- Photo: Dieter Leistner