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Hamburg Airport

Project Hamburg Airport Location Hamburg Client Hamburg Airport
Architect gmp + Brauer Completion 1991 Status Completed

Waiting rooms:
The type of artificial lighting system designed is totally new for an airport and takes our natural sense of light into account.
The concept essentially involves responding to the major differences in outside conditions such as day and night with different artificial lighting conditions inside. This varying correspondence results from our different expectations of light:
During the day we expect white, vivid light with medium to high intensities, at night a yellow-coloured, "warm" light with lower intensities.

Two-storey gate gmp:
The task of the daylight planning was to achieve a maximum of discernible daylighting with the fixed permissible energy consumption by using roof and side lights in the interior. For this reason, the areas towards the air side were glazed with facade glazing with 50% light transmission and 30% energy transmission. The position of the two-storey gate?s roof-light was determined according to luminance calculations based on the lighting model and the strongest perception of brightness.

Gate 2-storey - Michael Wortmann

Waiting rooms DAY lighting - Michael Wortmann

Waiting rooms NIGHT lighting - Michael Wortmann

- Klaus Frahm