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We use light to give people a sense of wellbeing.


Creating harmony with lighting moods

Light is not perceived in isolation, but with the senses as part of the entire environment. Which is why we strive for perfect co-ordination of all elements of the light planning. That is the only way to create a balance perceived as harmonious.


Integral light planning

Before such a complex phenomenon as light can be used properly, its many facets have to be understood. The integration of different planning media has proved its worth for this approach. By using original materials for our models and our artificial sky, we can make rational calculations tangible.


Showing architecture in the right light

Peter Andres Lichtplanung combines technical know-how with ongoing innovation. Our specialists from the fields of architecture, electrical engineering and model making develop unique solutions that show architecture in the right light.


Practice-orientated, feasible solutions

The results of our work are judged by reality and feasibility. Our clients benefit from our many years of experience with a vast range of diverse and individual requirements. For us, functionality means making naturalness and authenticity the focal point of our work.

The Artificial Sky

Under our artificial sky, we can simulate the sun's path at any place on earth. More than 1000 fluorescent lamps with daylight quality depict the diffuse light of the firmament according to CIE distribution*.
The artificial sun and a revolving stage integrated into the floor make the automatically controlled simulation possible. (1, 2, 3)
(*Standard of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), Vienna, www.cie.co.at)

Technical data:

CIE Sky:

1056 fluorescent lamps 18 W light colour 965
Double ECG's with 1-10 V interface
Diffuser of white integrally coloured acrylic glass
Luminous intensity sky: up to 20,000 lux


1000 W/230 V high-performance halogen bulb
33,000 lm
Glass reflector with diameter of 650 mm
Socket/reflector unit with integrated ventilator, automatic cut-in
Luminous intensity sun: up to 20,000 lux


Horizon height: 0.9 m
Dome diameter: 4.5 m
Clear dome height: 3.13 m


Working Method

Light planning right from the start

Ideally, collaboration with Peter Andres Lichtplanung starts at a very early stage, for example during the architectural competition. Initially simple models are used to work out the daylight concept under the artificial sky. (1, 2) As a rule, we provide this service for the architect free of charge.

Learning from the model

During the planning phase the models are refined - all the way to the integration of original materials. Thus, even at this early stage, it is possible to gain a realistic impression of light, space and material. (3)
By using the appropriate techniques, it is even possible to depict and experience the original artificial lighting at this point. (4, 5) And, on the basis of architectural models, insolation studies can be carried out as well. (6)

Precision in the details

In addition to the planning values that can be experienced with the model, computer-aided simulations can also be conducted. With the highest possible precision, they provide the brightness attributes (luminances or luminous intensities in various displays) for all surfaces.
(7, 8, 9)

Visualisation in virtual space

From stills to self-operable 3-D animations, we offer various stages of visualisation for the interim and final results of the planning - graduated according to costs and input. (10)

teamwork - Bo Ismono

measuring of angle-dependend reflexions - Bo Ismono

lighting simulation models - Bo Ismono

measuring of reflection factors - Bo Ismono

measuring of the spectral distribution - Bo Ismono

photometric evaluation - Bo Ismono

mock-up photography - Bo Ismono

building models - Bo Ismono

teamwork - Bo Ismono

evaluation of materials - Bo Ismono

luminance simulation - Peter Andres Lichtplanung

illuminance simulation - Peter Andres Lichtplanung

Range of Service

Daylight and artificial light planning
(service levels 1 - 9)

Investigation of model under artificial sky, insolation studies



Development of daylight and artificial lighting systems

materials light lab - Georg Tedeschi

model structure with original artificial lighting - Georg Tedeschi


The German Lighting Design Award 2012:
Prize Winner "Lighting Designer of the Year"
Prize Winner Category "Daylight"
Prize Winner Category "Education"
Nomination Category "Cultural Buildings"
Nomination Category "Public Spaces - Streelighting"

hamburgerdesignerpreis 2003
(with ON-Industriedesign)

Winner of the European Design Competition
"Lights of the future"
(with ON-Industriedesign)

1st prize "Balthasar-Neumann-Preis"
for the project Hamburg Airport - Terminal 4

award winner category "Education" - Peter Andres Lichtplanung

The German Lighting Design Award - Peter Andres Lichtplanung

Exhibitions / Speeches


2007            Design Festival Hamburg

2005            designdays Hamburg

2002            4Light from Hamburg

1999            Licht+Arbeit Cologne - Berlin


20.11.2014  Seminar
                   Acadamy North Rhine - Westphalia
                   Architect Association
                   'Lighting Design in public spaces -
                   Lighting for parks, pathways, green                             spaces, facades '
                   Prof. Peter Andres

21.10.2014  1. Interior Architecture Day
                   Bayern Architect Association
                   Einführungsvortrag 'Licht'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

23.06.2014  Lecture Series 'Building Services'
                   TU Braunschweig, Institute for
                   building- and solartechnic
                   'Planning with Light'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

13.05.2014  School Building Exhibition
                   'How to create a room quality of
                   well-being through the use of energy
                   efficient daylight and artificial light'
                   Dipl. Des. M.A. Katja Schiebler,
                   M.A. Katja Stapper

27.03.2014  5. Symposium Oldenburg 2014 -
                   Future Building and Refurbishing
                   Ceremonial Address: 'Light is Life'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

06.03.2014  Efficiency Houses-Plus - Theme night:    
                   'Daylight based Lighting Design'
                   M.A. Arne Hülsmann,
                   M.A. Katja Stapper

31.10.2013  PLDC - Professional Lighting Design
                   Convention 2013
                   'Interactive daylight and artificial
                   lighting design'
                   M.A. Arne Hülsmann,
                   Dipl. Des. M.A. Katja Schiebler
                   Copenhagen, DK

17.10.2013  Spectral Trendforum 2013
                   'Planning with light'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

07.10.2013  Spectral Trendforum 2013                                           'Planning with light'                  
                   Prof. Peter Andres                    
                   Frankfurt on the Main

18.09.2013  Business Forum -  Lighting concepts
                   with LED
                   Energy efficient lighting in companies
                   'Lighting design and concepts -
                   Examples from experience'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

10.09.2013  5. North Germany passive house      
                   'Energy efficiency vs. wellness or
                   the boundaries of the calculation of
                   energy efficiency'
                   Prof. Peter Andres
                   M.A. Arne Hülsmann

01.07.2013  Seminar
                   Bayern Architect Association
                   'Lighting design in public spaces -  
                   Lighting for parks, pathways, green
                   spaces, facades '
                   Prof. Peter Andres

14.06.2013  Efficiency Houses-Plus - Concepts and  
                   operating experiences
                   'Artificial and daylight planning in the
                   Velux LichtAktiv Haus'
                   M.A. Arne Hülsmann
                   M.A. Katja Stapper

24.04.2013  LiTG - LiLe Convention 2013
                   'Integrative planning with daylight and  
                   artificial light - Theory and practice'
                   M.A. Arne Hülsmann

23.04.2013  Electronic Lighting Congress
                   'Planning with light - Recognizing and
                   utilising the new qualities of LEDs'
                   Prof. Peter Andres, Keynote Speaker

20.03.2013  LightUpdate - L&B-PREVIEW
                   'Oppurtunities and ventures of the
                   LED-lighting technology for the lighting
                   design - represented by reference to
                   realised and current projects'
                   Prof. Peter Andres, Keynote Speaker

19.02.2013  11. Forum for Energy and Construction  
                   of the Lower Saxony Architect
                   'Planning with light - Energy efficiency
                   through selective daylight and artificial
                   light planning'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

04.02.2013  Monthly Colloquium at the Hamburg
                   Medical Association
                   'Modern lighting techniques for offices'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

31.01.2013  Mayen's Master Week 2013
                   Vocational Training Centre of the      
                   German Roofer Trader Association
                   'Lighting design in the roof - The roofer                      is lighting designer'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

16.01.2013  Monitoring Architecture
                   DETAIL Research
                   'User observation for optimisation of
                   (day-)light effects'
                   Prof. Peter Andres, M.A. Arne Hülsman

28.11.2012  LiTG Convention Light 2012
                   'Perception based light planning -
                   Theory and practice'
                   M.A. Arne Hülsman,
                   Dipl. Des. M.A. Katja Schiebler

20.11.2012  Architecture Congress
                   Heinze ArchitecTOUR Final 2012
                   'SPOTS ON - Lighting design in  
                   contemporary architecture'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

17.11.2012  msa Seminar
                   Institute for advanced training and
                   further education
                   'Lighting design | artificial light and
                   M.A. Arne Hülsman

09.07.2012  Lecture series 'Technical building
                   TU Braunschweig, Building and Solar
                   Technique Institute
                   'Planning with light'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

01.03.2012  Roof Day Schleswig-Holstein
                   'Lighting design for the roof - The  
                   roofer is lighting designer'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

20.09.2011  LED: Light quality, technology,  
                   standarisation - an actual update and
                   trends for 2012
                   Spectaris area of knowledge
                   'Planning with Light'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

01.03.2011  37. Laser regulars' table of the  
                   photonic - Development and application
                   of energy efficient lighting systems
                   'Tools of contemporary lighting design'
                   Prof. Peter Andres
                   Dipl. Des. M.A. Katja Schölzig

14.01.2011  Colour Council annual meeting
                   'Light Talk'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

16.11.2010  BDA Schleswig-Holstein Architecture  
                   'Designing with light'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

13.11.2010  Velux Profi-Seller Meeting 2010
                   'Planning with daylight, including the
                   Model Home, Hamburg'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

29.05.2010  msa Pechacucha
                   'Lighting design'
                   M.A. Arne Hülsman

07.10.2010  OKALUX Architecture Forum 2010
                   'Planning with daylight'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

27.09.2010  Pleasant light with innovative lighting
                   techniques, organised by the BSU
                   'Overall concept for pleasant and          
                   efficient lighting'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

24.06.2010  BÜRO PUR - Workshop Project Tour
                   ' 'Peter Andres Lighting Design' and  
                   'Casino Hamburg' '
                   Prof. Peter Andres
                   Dipl. Des. M.A. Katja Schölzig

11.06.2010  The Semperlux AG Light Forum
                   'Visualisation is good, model making is  
                   Prof. Peter Andres

29.05.2010  msa Seminar
                   Institute for advanced training and  
                   further education
                   'Lighting design | daylight and
                   M.A. Arne Hülsman

16.01.2010  Contractworld
                   'Lighting simulation - computer versus
                   scale model'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

02.12.2009  Wednesday Forum
                   Wolfsburg Architecture Lecture
                   'Light and Spaces'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

19.11.2009  OKALUX Architecture Forum 2009
                   'Planning with daylight'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

31.03.2009  PlanLIGHT 2009 Osram
                   'Light quality experienced through
                   model simulation'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

24.03.2009  PlanLIGHT 2009 Osram
                   'Light quality experienced through  
                   model simulation'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

17.02.2009  PlanLIGHT 2009 Osram
                   'Light quality experienced through        
                   model simulation'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

04.12.2008  INBG School Renovation Symposium |  
                   Institute for Sustainable Design and
                   Prof. Peter Andres

11.11.2008  PlanLIGHT 2008 Osram
                   'Light quality experienced through
                   model simulation'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

05.11.2008  Light Symposium Wismar
                   'Tools for contemporary lighting design'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

09.10.2008  PlanLIGHT 2008 Osram
                   'Light quality experienced through
                   model simulation'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

25.09.2008  Design S/Swedish Design Award 2008
                   'More light! Or better lighting design?'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

18.09.2008  Semperlux AG Hamburg Inauguration
                   'Model experiments or computer
                   simulation: contradiction or addition?'
                   Prof. Peter Andres

03.09.2008  Hamburg Sustainable roof user    
                   expertise forum,  
                   organised by BSU Hamburg
                   'Daylight saving for less energy
                   Prof. Peter Andres


16.05.2013: The German Lighting Design Award - Christoph Meinschaefer

14.06.2013: Efficiency Houses Plus - Peter Andres Lichtplanung

14.06.2013: Efficiency Houses Plus - Peter Andres Lichtplanung


History / Team

Peter Andres Lichtplanung was founded by Prof. Peter Andres in Hamburg on January 1st 1986 and has grown continuously ever since. In addition, the Büro Tirol was established on October 31st 2001.

Peter Andres
Professor, Engineer, proprietor

Anja Andres
Photography, since 01/86

Sabine Hameister
Commercial controlling, office manager
(since 06/97)

Raffael Banduch
MLL Master of Light and Lighting Design, since 07/98

Arne Hülsmann
M. A. (FH) Architecture, since 10/03

Jule Sophie Leu
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Interior Architecture, since 07/07

Maja Weßels
Dipl.-Ing. Architect HAK, since 05/08

Katja Schiebler
Dipl. Designer
M. A. (FH) Architectural Lighting Design, since 10/08

Katja Merklein
M.A. Interior Architect HAK
B. A. in Architecture and Interior Architecture, since 04/10

Stefanie Anten
Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architect HAK,  since 09/11

Laura Matthias
B. A. in Architecture & Interior Architecture, since 09/17


Peter Andres - Bo Ismono

Anja Andres - Bo Ismono

Sabine Hameister - Bo Ismono

Arne Hülsmann - Bo Ismono

Jule Sophie Leu - Bo Ismono

Maja Weßels - Bo Ismono

Katja Schiebler - Bo Ismono

Katja Merklein - Bo Ismono

Stefanie Anten - Bo Ismono

Curriculum Vitae Peter Andres

Teaching posts:

since 2006: Honorary Professor at the PBSA,
Peter Behrens School of Architecture,
University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf

2003-2006: Acting Professor of Light Planning

1994-2002: Teaching Assignment for Light Planning at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Faculty of Architecture

Guest lectures:

- Harvard University, Boston
- Lighting Academy Bartenbach, Tirol
- Technical University, Berlin
- College of Architecture, Eckernförde
- Technical College of Design, Kiel
- College of Architecture Dessau (Bauhaus)

Juror Functions:

- Member Jury VELUX-Architektenwettbewerb 2006
- Chairman Jury VELUX-Attic-Award 2005


- Speaker of the Lichtbeirat der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg
- Society of Lighting Technology LiTG
- Society of Architects and Engineers AIV
- Association of Consultant Engineers VBI
- Hamburg Chamber of Construction Engineers


2007 - DBZ, Licht Architektur Technik
2006 - Professional Lighting Design, Verlag für
           Innovationen in der Architektur
2006 - LPI, PPV Medien
2005 - LPI, PPV Medien
2005 - Highlight, Highlight-Verlag
2005 - Licht Architektur Technik, bauverlag
2005 - industriebau, Callwey
2005 - Professional Lighting Design, Verlag für
           Innovationen in der Architektur
2005 - ausblick, Gesellschaft für Knowhow-Transfer
           im Bauwesen
2005 - VOICES_13Zehn, Junius
2004 - DBZ, Licht Architektur Technik
2004 - Highlight, Highlight Verlagsgesellschaft
2004 - Jahrbuch der Ingenieurbaukunst, Junius
2004 - Baumeister, Callwey
2004 - Highlight, Highlight-Verlag
2003 - LPI, Verlag Erwin Bochinsky
2003 - Licht & Architektur, Bertelsmann
2003 - Jahrbuch der Ingenieurbaukunst, Junius
2003 - DBZ, Licht Architektur Technik
2002 - Jahrbuch der Ingenieurbaukunst
2001 - MPC Life, Münchmeyer Petersen Capital
2000 - Design-Report
2000 - Licht & Architektur, Bertelsmann
2000 - AIT, Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch
1999 - Möbel & Design
1996 - Werkbericht 1986-1995, Institut für
1995 - Licht & Design, Publicis MCD
1994 - Detail, Institut für internationale
1994 - Licht & Design, Publicis MCD
1994 - Licht, Pflaum Verlag
1994 - Main Post, Architektur & Wirtschaft
1994 - Licht & Architektur, Bertelsmann
1994 - Welt am Sonntag, Axel Springer
1993 - Office design
1991 - db, Deutsche Bauzeitung
1990 - TAB, Bertelsmann
1987 - Hamburger Abendblatt Report, Axel Springer


1983-1985: Interferenz Lichtsysteme GmbH
1977-1983: Lichtplanung Christian Bartenbach

Military service:

1976-1977 in Salzburg


- 1979 Awarded the Austrian professional
title "engineer"
- Final certificate 1976 with "Matura"
(general university entrance level)
- technical college HTL in Innsbruck, 5 years
- secondary modern school in Jenbach, 4 years
- primary school in Jenbach, 4 years


October 20th 1956 in Tyrol

In the beginning there was "a teacher who handled light well". At the HTL Technical College in Innsbruck, Professor Hugo Watzlawek arouses Peter Andres' enthusiasm for a methodical approach to dealing with light. He introduces him to Christian Bartenbach.

Today Peter Andres says: "Light has an immediate effect. The goal is for people to have a sense of wellbeing. Can I concentrate at the office, do I like shopping in the mall, do I stay calm in a hectic airport, can I relax in a lounge: If I always end up in an appropriate mood, the planning has been successful. Experience is important for that, but the willingness to be open to new technical solutions is even more crucial."

Prof. Ing. Peter Andres - Bo Ismono